Solfeggio Sound Healing Instruments

TESTIMONIALS from sound healing

I love the Solfeggio SACRED SCALE® Harp!

I lie down and close my eyes and Carla starts to play the harp in the room around me. From the beginning, it feels like the voice and sound of the harp transforms. More light comes in and heals my body. I felt lots of release in my right leg. Just like letting go of control and tension with each stroke of the harp, something changes, vibrates and goes into your body and soul. It feels like the power of the music and the vibrations expand over the air. It feels like the voice, sound and vibration all connects into one. Each word she sang (ex. confidence, love) becomes reality in me. When she sang love with the harp, I felt more love. When she sang confidence, I felt more confidence. The words and sound all together create healing. Then she placed the harp on my legs and played. My right leg was “letting go”, vibrating. The pain of the knee went away. There was lots of heat and release. When the words and sound of the harp amplified, it felt like angels were singing. When the harp was placed directly on my heart, and strummed, there was a powerful healing of the heart to more love and peace. My head also healed. I saw lots of white light and it expands also with the sound in echoes through the air. At the end, I could see more light. It transported me to feeling like “flying in space”. It transforms me into more light and love. P.C. London

"I sleep better, have better coping skills, smile more, feel more confident, strength, even when challenged with heartache moments.  Sound healing has really helped me.  Thank-you!" BR, Strathroy

"I have noticed profound changes overall-mental, physical, and spiritual.  More calmness and peace, less bodily aches and pains, sleep better, letting go of fear and negative based thoughts and emotions.  Starting to have more clarity with certain situations.  I love sound healing!" PT, London

Powerful Healing!

"That was the most profound sound healing I've ever experienced!" TT, Elora

Angelic and peaceful sum up what the harp felt like. As soon as the first note is played, I felt surrounded by angels. I was overcome with a peaceful sensation throughout the entire body. It felt like all was well with me and world. I felt complete relaxation and a calming of the mind. It was like my entire mind-body-soul was in harmony. From the moment it started, I had visual images throughout, starting with seeing angels. There was an emotional healing which brought in more peace and calm to the mind, especially when the harp was placed on the harp and played. I felt different body sensations and thoughts would come to mind when different affirmations were sung. I opened my eyes when the session was done and I felt more relaxed and felt 20 years younger on my face and body. It was like any and every stressful, traumatic experience just melted away. All worries and stress disappeared. K.D. Port Stanley, 

I have Clarity!

I have more focus in school.  I can concentrate and like to learn!  I actually like school now! AS, London

My pain is gone!

My back and neck pain is gone.  In fact I don't have scoliosis anymore! RGK, London

I've never experienced healing music like this before.  I came in with knee pain, and after 1 hour of healing music, it's all gone! EP, London

I'm not depressed anymore!

I've suffered with depression all my life.  I took medication and psychotherapy for decades.  With a few healing music sessions, my life has changed.  I'm off medication, and done therapy.  I now wake up in the morning and look forward to my day.  I didn't know I could feel this good! DM, Strathroy

I"m off meds!

After many years of anxiety and taking meds for it, I decided to try this alternative medicine-sound healing. I'm glad I did, because not only did my anxiety go away, I'm not taking medication anymore. PY, West Lorne