Solfeggio Sound Healing Instruments

Certification in Sacred Sound Healing

Your Teacher:  Carla Rose Kelly, Master Sacred Sound Healer 

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This study is different from Music Therapy  Programs in the following ways:

  • A holistic approach is taken, considering mind, body and spirit.
  • Sacred Sound Healing is based on the spiritual teachings that LOVE is the key ingredient to all healing. In this program, a mindful, meditative state, centered in LOVE is used at all times by the Sacred Sound Healer. 
  • All sound/music is improvised.
  • It is based  on the latest research in neurotheology in which the power of positive versus negative words and their effect on the brain is considered.  Only positive words are sung, in the present tense, which empowers the client.
  • It is also based on modern day research in Neuroscience,  Psychology, Music & Medicine
  • You don't have to have a musical background or be a seasoned musician to take the course. This program uses "pick-up and play" Sound Healing instruments, the Solfeggio frequencies, SACRED SCALE®️ musical instruments which anyone can play without causing any dissonance.  These sound healing instruments do not take years of practice in order to use, unlike the western instruments.

Level 1:  Introduction to Sacred Sound Healing Training

This Certification Program in Sacred Sound Healing Training  is intended for those that want to use music/sound for their own healing or to help others. It is an alternative medicine, and does not take the place of proper medical attention. 

Course Study Includes:

  • What is Sacred Sound Healing?
  • History of Sacred Sound Healing?
  • Science behind Sacred Sound Healing
  • Physiological responses in the body
  • Modern day Research bridging the fields of Philosophy, Neuroscience,  Spirituality and Music & Medicine as well as  SACRED SCALE®️ Research 
  • The Psychology and Neurotheology of WORDS and how to use them in your songs
  • Solfeggio frequencies:  The Math Behind the Music; Harmonies Within Solfeggio Frequencies; In Tune with Nature, In Tune with You
  • SACRED SCALE®️ Sound Healing Techniques including practice time
  • Understanding Where Healing Comes From
  • Methodology for Sacred Sound Healing Session
  • Vocal and breath work
  • Practice time with Solfeggio frequencies, SACRED SCALE®️ musical instruments and other Sound Healing instruments
  • Training Manual


In order to complete your training/certification in Sacred Sound Healing,  you will need to complete the practicum.  These training classes are set up to practice the Sacred Sound Healing techniques, use the solfeggio frequencies, and SACRED SCALE®️ musical instruments to hone your skills, in a give and receive manner. You will receive a Training Manual, and Code of Ethics.  Level 1  in Sacred Sound Healing must be completed before you begin the practicum.  ​

Level 2: Mastering Your Chakras

Pre-requisite for Enrollment:  ​No formal education in healing or music is necessary.

Course Study Includes:

  • an in-depth look at 9 chakras
  • the mental and emotional root causes of diseases
  • Practical skills to heal and master each chakra
  • How energy flows throughout your mind, body and soul
  • practical skills to Master Your Emotions through Sacred Sound Healing
  • practical skills to Master Your Mind through greater awareness
  • Sacred Sound Healing practice with each chakra and much more
  • Training Manual

​Level 3: Masters in Sacred Sound Healing

Pre-requisite for Enrollment:  Completion of Level 1, and 2, plus Practicum

Course Study Includes:

  • Qualities of a Great Healer
  • Code of Ethics and Business Standards
  • Mastering your Communication Skills
  • Running a Business
  • Being Part of the SACRED SCALE®️ Music Association and much more
  • Training Manual

Once you have completed all necessary requirements for all 3 levels, you will be CERTIFIED.